A Lubbock native is serving his country aboard a floating airport. You did read that correctly a floating airport is where Petty Officer 2nd Class Jeremiah Tarvin has been serving his country while in the U.S. Navy.

Tarvin is aboard the USS Carl Vinson which is home to 5,000 sailors along with 60 aircrafts to complete a full flight deck containing even some attack fighter jets. Tarvin attended Lubbock High School where he graduated from in 2017 where he says he learned skills and values that closely resembles those of the Navy.

Tarvin says that he has many opportunities to achieve accomplishments with his experience and expertise that other people (civilians) might not have. These skills Tarvin possesses help aid in keeping him combat ready with the rest of the sailors and helps him exceed as a leader. Tarvin says that the Navy plays in integral part in protecting international trade in the U.S. as 90 percent of global commerce travels by sea which is why a strong Navy is necessary.

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As Tarvin lives on the aircraft carrier he follows in the foot steps of those that have come before him to serve and protect their country. Aircraft carriers have a rich history serving the U.S. for over 100 years showcasing the many different sides of the Navy in the services it provides during times of war, disaster relief, maintaining peace and control.

Jeremiah Tarvin has been in the Navy for five years and states that he is grateful to those that have helped him in his career to serve his country, especially his parents James and Amanda Eudy.

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