In Florida, a man was arrested for writing a virus that would affect every single one of this country's ...Whac-a-Mole games.  That's right.

In case you didn't have a childhood, Whac-a-Mole is the classic Chuck-E-Cheese-friendly arcade game where you use a rubber mallet to smack plastic moles on the head as they pop out of different holes.

The game was created in 1970 by a company called Bob's Space Racers in Holly Hill, Florida.  And they've been manufacturing it exclusively ever since.

In 1980, a guy named Marvin Wimberly Junior of Orlando, Florida started working there as a game programmer.  He was 31 at the time.  He's 61 now . . . and after 30 years with the company, he started noticing they were really cutting his work.

So in August of 2008, he allegedly started writing a VIRUS into the Whac-a-Mole games.  Basically, the machines would just stop working . . . and break . . . after a certain number of games were played.

Because Marvin is the best Whac-a-Mole repairman they have, he figured if the machines kept breaking down, they'd HAVE to keep him on the staff to handle the non-stop stream of repairs.

But the company caught on, and called the police.  After an investigation, Marvin was arrested for offenses against intellectual property.

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