The Lost Cajun is a chain of Cajun restaurants that has locations in Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, and all around west Texas. Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, and soon Lubbock will have a lost Cajun too. And they're bringing beignets!

If you've ever been to New Orleans then you've probably stopped at Cafe Du Monde for their famous beignets. Its a French pastry that's freakin' awesome. And soon you'll be able to get some in Lubbock at 68th and Milwaukee. The Lost Cajun is opening a location here pretty soon. I'm a huge fan of Cajun food, gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, dirty rice, shrimps!!! I love it all! Hopefully they'll have gator bites too. I guess we'll see when the restaurant opens. I don't have an exact date yet, they think late spring or early summer, but as soon as we do I'll post it here for everybody to know.

Here are their other locations so far, this place is growing fast!

Google Maps
Google Maps

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