Lennon's handwritten lyrics to the Beatles' classic, "A Day in the Life", sold for $1.2 million. Even his tooth recently sold for $31,200.

Now, GottaHaveRockAndRoll.com is auctioning off a random "to-do" list that Lennon wrote. The list is pretty boring, or as the seller describes it: "An amazing look into the 'everyday-ness' of one of rock 'n' roll's most important icons!"

Here are a few of the things on the list:

--"HBO guy coming between 3:00-5:00. BE THERE. (The other guy didn't know what was wrong.)"

--"When [the HBO guy] arrives...YOU let him in, YOU tell him WHAT TO DO. Yesterday, they made an offer to attach [an] FM radio (or something). I'm not sure what they meant, but I suspect it must improve FM radio reception. Find out. Maybe WE DO want it. (I didn't know what he was talking about.)"


--"Would it be a good idea to make sure BOTH CARS have full gas tanks?"

--"Put back [son] Sean's large mattress. (Today)"

--"Hook on door in our bathroom is falling off."

--"Tell me about my hair dryer...yea or nay."

The list was written for Lennon's personal assistant. Otherwise, that one about the hair dryer would seem a little schizophrenic...although either way it's pretty bizarre.

The note is dated May 22nd, but the year is unknown.

The minimum bid is $3,000, and it's expected to bring in between $4,000 and $5,000.

You can check out the document at GottaHaveRockAndRoll.com. Bidding opens tomorrow and will remain open for 10 days.