A Texas license plate with just the number 3 was sold at auction yesterday for a whopping $33,000! And it wasn't even the highest selling plate either.

In many states the first 9 single digit license plates are often reserved for politicians. Like the governor will have the number 1 his lieutenant will have number 2 and so on. I guess in Texas we don't have a number 3 anymore, or they are getting new plates for the big wigs in Austin because there was a license plate auction that ended yesterday with the number 3 being sold for $33,000. And even higher was the number 8 which sold for $34,500! And randomly the letter J sold for $10,500.

That sure seems like a lot of money for a license plate that just makes it easier for people to find you when you drive.

But I guess if you have more money than you know what to do with you can spend it on stuff like this.

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