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Look around the campus of Texas Tech University and you will find art and statues all over the place. It's actually nice to see all the different art installations and statues that have been built and put into place. Many of the statues around Texas Tech are famous and make for great photo opportunities.

Soon there will be another statue on campus. Raider Red will soon have a statue on the Texas Tech campus thanks to a donation from the Texas Tech Credit Union. The $150,000 gift will bring the life-sized bronzed statue to the southwest corner of Akron Avenue and the Drive of Champions near the Frazier Alumni Pavilion.

According to a press release, the project has been raising funds for a long time:

"We are grateful for the support of the Texas Tech Credit Union and its enthusiasm for Raider Red,” said Texas Tech University President Lawrence Schovanec. “This statue will embody its generosity and the spirit of those who have contributed to the 50-year legacy of our mascot.”

The initiative for a Raider Red statue on campus began in the 1990s, and a fund from three decades of generous donors who resided with the Texas Tech Alumni Association will supplement the credit union’s gift.

“Texas Tech Credit Union has been a longtime supporter of the Raider Red program and will continue to be,” said Chris Hutson, credit union CEO. “Our board and our team value the importance of Raider Red and what he means to the Texas Tech family.  We are excited to celebrate Raider Red winning the 2021 National Mascot Championship by announcing the Raider Red statue project.”

Garland Weeks, a Texas Tech alumnus will create the statue. In 1995, he was named the Official Sculptor of Texas by the Texas Legislature.

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