Everybody knows when May comes around it’s a time to celebrate graduation. Whether it be your child graduating from kindergarten or your young adult graduating from a University…whichever one it may be it’s supposed to be a happy time.

This past weekend, one Texas Tech Grad thought her cousin, who is like her brother to her, wouldn’t be able to share that special moment. Staff Sergeant Isaac De La Fuente serves in the Air Force and has been stationed in South Korea at Osan AB for the last 15 months.

Staff Sergeant Fuente wanted to surprise his cousin Monica Acebedo for her graduation day. He had sent an email a month ago to the Commencement Coordinator, Peggy Flores (My wonderful Mother) and asked if there was a way for him to surprise her (Monica) on her special day.

They had come up with a way he could really surprise her and she would have no clue…even filming the whole thing for her to remember that special moment with the help of Candid Color Photography.   In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to share this special heartfelt story with you.

I literally had gotten teary eyed just watching it. Oh, the lovely woman who is talking on stage…that’s my amazing Mom! I hope this video brings joy to you like it did for me!

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