12-year-old McKenzie Carey lives in Dallas, Georgia, outside Atlanta.  And when she was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, which affects your cells and leaves you with basically no energy.

So she's in a wheelchair, can't speak, and needs constant care.  But despite all that, she's been competing in BEAUTY PAGEANTS since she was FIVE.

Her mom Tammy signed her up...partly to make her happy, and partly to show people that McKenzie can still do what other kids are doing.  And it's not just for show...McKenzie has won almost TWENTY pageants.

Her father Mike has a played a big role in that...about five years ago, McKenzie's mom was nervous for her at a pageant.  So Mike decided to go on stage with her, picked her up, and started DANCING.  And McKenzie ended up winning.

It's sort of became their "thing", and a video of them dancing at a recent pageant has gotten almost 4.5 MILLION views on YouTube.  Now people have donated over 95 THOUSAND dollars for McKenzie's medical bills.

According to her mom, McKenzie is completely aware of what's going on around her, which you can tell in the video, because there's a huge SMILE on her face.

The video's called "Kenzie Dancing with Her Dad". And you donate on their GoFundMe.com page, "Hope for McKenzie".

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Here's the video:

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