On Valentine's Day, Teresa Danford was at work at an upholstery factory called Crane Interiors in Woodbury, Tennessee when she got a call.  It was from her son, who's currently deployed in Afghanistan.

He rarely gets a chance to call her…he only gets a call when his unit gets a round with the satellite phone…so she took it.

But there was a problem.  Crane has a "no cell phones at work" policy.  So when Teresa finished up her call, her managers told her she was suspended for three days, WITHOUT PAY.  And if it happened again, she'd be fired.

The company says that phones are banned during work hours, quote, "due to safety concerns within a production environment."

They also say they've apologized to Teresa…but the policy is the policy.

Teresa's son is scheduled to return home next month.

Here's the website I found for Crane Interiors in Woodbury, Tennessee:

Manager's email address:


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Here's a picture of her son: