Adam Levine was a self-professed "mad man" during Thursday night's episode of The Voice, which showed the rocker playfully yet dramatically storming offstage during an audition freak out.

After soulful Southern singer Casi Joy got all four coaches to turn their red chairs during her impressive performance of LeAnn Rimes' "Blue," complete with yodeling vocal acrobatics, an exasperated, desperate Levine immediately gave up hope, indicating that his country star pal Blake Shelton would likely snag the contestant for his team.

"I would do cartwheels to have you on my team," Levine told Joy, adding, "But I have been beaten down so many times by hearing a voice like yours, which clearly is rooted in that traditional country thing, so I'm not going to get my hopes up, because I am too exhausted."

The Maroon 5 singer then stood up from his chair, gave the crowd a wave, and proceeded to wander around the other coaches and the audience, finally sitting down in a dark corner to jokingly brood over his supposed loss.

However, a twist came when Joy expressed her interest in exploring other genres, saying, "I have sang in all genres, so I'm not just country!"

"I'd like to retract some of my previous statements," Levine explained, returning to his chair as the audience laughed. "They were the rantings of a mad man. I've changed, Casi! I'm a new man! What if you chose me?"

Unfortunately, the artist's suspicions were proved true in the end, as Joy ultimately chose Team Blake.

"Well, I can’t say we didn’t see that coming..." Levine tweeted after show.

Better luck next time, man.

Watch below:

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