In the middle of an incredible Lubbock concert last night, Blake Shelton stopped to talk to us several times, and we were able to catch this heartfelt message on video for you.

"I love y'all," Shelton said to the cheering United Supermarkets Arena crowd, continuing: "I do, I love country music fans...I've been coming to Lubbock on and off for a long time, it's been a while since I've been here and I hate myself for that."

The show was a solid run of Shelton's hits, back to back and smooth. His voice was rich, powerful, emotional, interesting and impeccable. It was tremendous to hear him recapture all that we have loved through the years, delivered live with every bit of what we expected -- and then some.

The stage, set up with huge dropdown screens and a walk around the back that helped include everyone in the area, was stellar.

The crowd was enthusiastic and even more intense when Trace Adkins joined Shelton on the stage. His dynamic performance wrapped us all in his spell.

All in all, I give Lubbock's Country Music Freaks tour stop a great, great big thumbs up!

Thanks so much for coming to Lubbock, Blake -- we love you, too!

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