I don't think many people expect every street musician to be OUTSTANDING.  But there are a lot of them in New York, so maybe the bar is a little higher.

There's a video online of some guy in New York going OFF on a trumpet player, and calling him a, quote, "no talent, self-consumed, mediocre piece of [crap]"...because he's sick of hearing his sub-par music.

And he also tells him he's, quote, "everything that's gone wrong in this world."  Now, it's true that the guy ISN'T very good, but the guy's reaction is WAY over the top and goes on for four minutes.

Plus, you get the impression that he's insulting him just to boost his OWN ego, because he starts talking about how educated he is, and at one point claims he used to know Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead.

The guy plays his trumpet at :38, the guy yelling at him talks about Dylan the Dead at 2:43. WARNING:  Lots of F-bombs and other profanity.