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I live in a really nice condo/apartment complex in a great neighborhood here in Lubbock. Most of my neighbors are lovely. Most -- not all.

It seems as if some of my neighbors have never lived in an apartment or condo before, or perhaps they're just terminally rude. Thus, this is my open letter to all Lubbockites who live in an apartment/condo complex.

If you need to print this out and leave it in a common area for your neighbors, be my guest. If I come across like a fist-shaking grandmother, then my duty was well executed.

Dear Fellow Tenant,

There are some incredibly easy, common sense things you can do to improve our mutual living situation. They are as follows:

Control Your Pet

Perhaps you think your dog is very well behaved. That's great. They still need to be on a leash at all times when they're outside of your apartment in a common area. An unleashed dog, no matter how well trained (spoiler: they're almost never actually trained) can still be a danger to other dogs, cats and people. It's unforgivably irresponsible and lazy to not have your dog on a leash. And the animal most likely to get hurt is your dog.

Also, you must clean up after your dog. Common areas are not your backyard, and your dog's poop should never be anyone else's problem. You know those 10,000 plastic bags you've shoved under your sink? Picking up your dog's poop is an excellent way to reuse them.

If your dog is a barker, maybe close your door instead of allowing them to jump scare anyone who walks by? Perhaps leaving them on your tiny porch is a nuisance, in addition to being incredible inhumane? Crate training is likely a really good option for you.

If you have an unfixed cat you let outdoors, you're causing a major problem. There's a huge overpopulation problem with cats. They'll spray everywhere, yowl, spread fleas and ticks, etc. Take care of your animal, get them spayed or neutered.

Control Your Property

No, your guest may not park in my designated spot. Please don't park crooked or poorly in your own spot. Do not pull your vehicle up so close I cannot open my gate. It's nice you have loud speakers; I don't care to hear them inside where I live. No, your motorcycle does not belong on the common sidewalk, nor does your children's bikes or other toys. No, your grill doesn't belong on the sidewalk either (true story). Also, your zaza is so loud I can hear it in my dreams. Congrats, but maybe turn on a fan?

Control Yourself (and Your Little Selves)

Why yes, I can hear every word of your loud argument. I can hear your children's shrill screams coming from the pool. Why yes, you're blocking the stairs whilst I have an armful of groceries. Yes, your disgusting porch smells and grosses me out. Yes, your loud party is...loud.

Can All of This Be Boiled Down to One Thing? Yes, It Can!

Just please, treat people the other way you want to be treated. It's really not hard.

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