This past Saturday Night during Texas Tech's blowout victory over Florida International University, two noteworthy events transpired, neither of which was exactly family-friendly.

In one instance, during a contest to see if a student could kick a field goal to win a trip to Las Vegas, the contestant, a Texas Tech student, was asked what he would do in Sin City if he won. His response: "Hookers and Cocaine."


Ooooookay. Our best and brightest on display.

But the event that generated the most reaction no matter what your beliefs, was the "f*** Joe Biden" chant that rolled out of the student section earlier that afternoon. 

As was mentioned in a previous article, the chant started about 10 minutes prior to kickoff and seemed to be almost immediately drowned out by the Goin' Band From Raiderland.

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Now, this is a trend that has been ongoing in several stadiums each weekend, as students all over the nation show their displeasure with our current administration. But that's not what this is about.

The biggest issue is not with anyone's reaction or political beliefs either way. That's your business, and even though this is a trend that has been pervasive at college football games over the past few weeks, it's NOT a trend we need to follow here on the South Plains. Why?


And...we're better than this.

Sure, the atmosphere at Jones AT&T Stadium can get raucous as we cheer on our Red Raiders, however it's also become an environment that welcomes families and fans of all ages, denominations, races, political parties, etc. As a parent, I couldn't fathom how I would explain to a 7-year-old what the students were chanting.

"Daddy? What does that mean? F--- Joe Biden?"

"Ummm, it means 'Love Joe Biden'."

"Daddy, why do you lie?"

Again, we're better than this. The Jones is a great place to support our Red Raiders, and also a place for future fans or students to begin to be exposed to a positive Texas Tech experience. Kids love watching Raider Red and the Masked Rider. That should be what we take away from our gameday experiences, not shallow and vulgar political discourse.

Now, there are those who think that this is bad for purely political reasons, and even some who demanded that we pull our original story. To that effect, I say that your hypocrisy is showing. Because if the shoe was on the other foot, they'd be cheering wildly if it was a "f*** Donald Trump" chant was being bellowed. You can't have it both ways, and I say that in that element, neither chant is appropriate. If we wouldn't say it in front of our youngest, we shouldn't say it at all in that setting.

And, in case you missed it, the "Hookers and Cocaine" kid didn't even come close to making his field goal.

F*** that guy, instead.

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