I rarely get very mad and vocal when I do stories for you the listener, but this one pissed me off like no one’s business.

We were contacted by a woman who I will not identify in order to protect her privacy. She linked us to a video from right here in Lubbock that showed some folks dumping off a dog.

Well, I did a little bit of research and found the source of the video and spoke to the person who it belongs to. (Once again, I will not identify this person to protect their privacy.) After speaking with them, I got permission to share the video, which you can watch above.

This occurred around the area of 50th and MLK. When I looked hard at the video, I was mad. Why would you just dump a dog off like that?

Now, I'm not a dog person; cats are my thing. But it doesn’t matter. No animal should be dumped or abandoned, period! There were other options these inconsiderate idiots had. There are no-kill shelters, and even the animal shelter is a decent last resort. But to just dump it like this?

But wait, I'm not done. You had kids with you. What kind of crappy example does that set for the next generation? I hope someone with animal services or the Lubbock Police Department would catch you and lock you up for that.

Now, I don't know the whole story. The dog maybe loved you and your home. Maybe the feeling wasn't mutual? Or perhaps, like some are saying, you found the dog, but decided to just abandon it instead of calling Animal Control or bringing it to a shelter.

In short: You had options. And if anyone can no longer take care of an animal, they can also use those options. Karma will come back to bite the folks who abandon dogs, and it will bite harder than that poor dog ever could.

After speaking to the owner of the video, I am glad to say the dog has already found a new home. That is the one bright spot to this story.


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