"Rhythm" magazine conducted a survey to determine the "101 Greatest Drum Intros" of all time...and not surprisingly, Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters got a lot of love, with three entries in the Top 10, all with different acts.

But Alex Van Halen is #1, for his work on "Hot for Teacher".  Here's the Top 10:

1.  "Hot for Teacher", Van Halen . . . by Alex Van Halen

2.  "Spirit of Radio", Rush . . . by Neil Peart

3.  "You Could Be Mine", Guns N' Roses . . . by Matt Sorum

4.  "Rock and Roll", Led Zeppelin . . . by John Bonham

5.  "A Song for the Dead", Queens of the Stone Age . . . by Dave Grohl

6.  "When the Levee Breaks", Led Zeppelin . . . by John Bonham

7.  "Painkiller", Judas Priest . . . by Scott Travis

8.  "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Nirvana . . . by Dave Grohl

9.  "My Hero", Foo Fighters . . . by Dave Grohl

10.  "Where Eagles Dare", Iron Maiden . . . by Nicko McBrain

(You can find brief write-ups on each of these in a slideshow, here. The complete list of all 101 drum intros is in the November issue of "Rhythm" magazine.)

Here's the original music video for "Hot For Teacher":

And here's a great example of Alex's abilities. He goes on an epic FIVE MINUTE solo!