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Lubbock's Art Bar at J's (2605 19th Street) is hosting a spotlight series on currently out-of-work bartenders.

Thursday night (July 23rd), the venue will feature its first spotlight bartender, Heather Hofacet, who tends bar at Gaslight and The Lantern. As a 51 percent establishment, both  are currently closed down due to Governor Abbott's COVID-19-related executive order.

Since Art Bar is not a 51 percent establishment, they can still serve guests and are using this opportunity to help Lubbock's favorite bartenders make a little desperately-needed cash.

If you'd like to support a fantastic bartender while having a most excellent time, be sure to swing by Art Bar from 4 p.m. Thursday night until close and tip Heather generously.

We're all in this together, and who but a bartender can truly listen with affection and love to our coronavirus quarantine woes?

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