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Can we please stop with all of the vitriolic calls to arms against an 'invisible enemy' already? Has it made any improvement to the current situation by creating hostility toward other people for their differing opinions?

I don't understand the mindset of people who claim to want civilized discord, and then resort to using rhetoric that resembles that of wartime political posturing.

These are my thoughts and opinion after observing the rising level of hostility towards anyone who suggests that we are careful and calculated about dealing with the COVID-19 virus and the economic impacts on communities as we work to find solutions.

There is no enemy targeting one demographic when it comes to this virus, however, the crisis we face is real and the only way we see this through, with the expectation to remain civilized, is to stop with the rhetoric that we are fighting an enemy.

When an “invisible enemy” is being fought the only logical response is to be defensive, taking appropriate measures to minimize the threat. In this case, hand washing, social distancing and the other measures being applied are defensive measures against the threat of viral infection wreaking havoc on our community.

Taking an offensive posture will only continue to offend and hurt the visible people who are already being affected by the crisis. We are all subject to the indiscriminate threat of a virus, at this point nobody is immune and we are not fighting each other!

Enemies have a specific target for their hostile intentions. This virus has no enemies, only victims. The only healthy response is to be vigilant about not creating vulnerabilities in our defense to this threat.

Fighting with, or trying to divide, our community will not produce positive consequences and it certainly does not change the way the virus behaves. Therefore the threat remains the same and the only thing accomplished is unhealthy disdain for one another.

I’m here to help in any way that I can, and while I am also financially stressed, and worried about keeping a roof over my head, I am more than willing to help promote a business or connect people with resources that they may need.

I won’t participate in political maneuvering in order to posture against an “invisible enemy” because the only people I can see are my friends, neighbors, and community. I refuse to participate in attacking an “invisible enemy” since the only consequence is that someone I can see may be caught in the crossfire.

All that being said I will be the first one to stand front in line, face/name seen and heard, to protect our community from embarrassing political stunts which do nothing to promote positive progress toward resuming life as we knew it. I’ll stand loud and proud up to anyone who would otherwise attempt to use this crisis as an opportunity to further divide our community.

We can all work together or we can deteriorate in the name of patriotism while fighting this “invisible enemy”. Just be sure you understand who is on the other side of the “invisible enemy” when you take offensive measures. Someone you never intended to harm may very well be a casualty in your attack.

Above all else, remember: Peace Spock and Rock! Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what they're going through during these difficult times. 

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