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You can certainly tell when someone's mama never told them "no."

Lubbock comedian Steven Feldman caught this interaction at Best Buy and grabbed up his phone. The store had apparently reached capacity, and this man just wasn't having it.

According to Feldman, you could make an appointment to shop or be allowed slowly to enter from the line in front of the store. Then, you are escorted to the department you want to visit.

The man started his tirade by trying to photograph the employee so that he could "turn him in," and the employee covered his face with his hand. At that point, Feldman started feeling bad at this employee being dressed down through no fault of his own and started documenting the incident with his smart phone.

Let's say you sympathize with the guy's argument that the old man shouldn't stand "in the heat." Okay, cool. But why chew the employee's ass? He's just doing what he's told to do and could lose his job, and possibly even get his store shut down, if he doesn't follow the rules.

I asked Feldman if the nonsense continued off-camera, and he said that fortunately there was a lady nearby that encouraged everyone to calm down, thus diffusing the situation.

Sorry guys, but we're all put out and inconvenienced by the coronavirus. That's no reason to take it out on employees and other people. Make an appointment and play by the rules and everything will be okay.

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