If you didn't know already, Covenant Health in Lubbock and insurance company Aetna have been working on a partnership.

Back in September Covenant Health put out a statement about the termination of their health agreement with Aetna Insurance. In the announcement, they stated that "Covenant’s goal has been to reach fair and equitable contract terms. Unfortunately, Aetna remains unwilling to offer adequate reimbursement for vital health care services. This will leave almost 9,000 individuals without in-network access to Covenant’s hospitals and providers in Texas after the contracts expire on September 1, 2022."

A lot of people with Aetna insurance have been waiting for good news. Thankfully, that good news is now here. Aetna and Covenant Health have reached an agreement to provide in-network services to patients with Aetna insurance.

What does this mean for Aetna members?

According to Covenant:

1. Covenant Health’s new Agreement will be effective October 1st, 2022
2. Aetna patients who received care from Covenant hospitals or Covenant/Grace physicians during the month of September 2022 will receive in-network benefits and medically necessary claims will be reprocessed. This process could take a while to get cleaned up.
3. Please note, it will take time for Aetna to update their systems so Covenant/Grace providers may appear out of network for several weeks; thus, creating some confusion during this transition. However, all medically necessary claims will be processed as in-network with no out-of-network member penalties.
4. ALL Covenant Providers are In-Network effective immediately

Covenant added: "Thank you to our patients for your continued support and patience during this time. We apologize for the concern and inconvenience this has caused you and your families. Our Covenant Health and Grace providers value their relationship with you and hope you will continue to trust us with your healthcare."

To learn more about this and your local Covenant Health department, you can visit their official website.

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