Michael Henrichsen will always remember his 26th birthday as the year that Billy Idol showed up to help him celebrate. Henrichsen had taken part on a two-year journey, attempting to reach out to the singer to come play his bash.

Henrichsen tells CNN at the time he started his mission, he had just finished college, was in debt and was looking to find a way to showcase his networking skills. A little less than two years later Idol turned up to his party after an online campaign that featured video shout-outs from David Marks and Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, Fabio, and adult film star Ron Jeremy garnered the vocalist's attention.

Henrichsen says, "It started in November of 2010 and here we are in October of 2012 and it seems like a dream. I didn't actually sleep last night. Billy Idol actually gave me a birthday gift. It's this little pendant that says 'Rebel Yell' on it."

The young man says that even though Idol was putting out music before he was born, he grew up in a house where his mom was a huge '80s fan, and after finally seeing the singer in concert, he made it his mission to have Idol perform. He turned the event into a fundraiser, and in total, over $13,000 was raised for the American Red Cross and Northwest Harvest food bank.

Watch a CNN Report on Billy Idol Playing Michael Henrichsen's Birthday

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