Love 'em or hate 'em those electric scooters are here to stay. And while the Bird scooters may be pushed out of Lubbock, Lime Scooters have been officially added to Texas Tech and Lubbock's streets.

The City of Lubbock, Texas Tech, and Lime Scooters have formed an official partnership for the Lime Scooters to be the official electric scooter for our city and school. Because that's a thing now. Personally I think the scooters are a good idea. And for $1 to unlock them and only 15 cents per minute its an extremely cheap way to get around.

I would however caution people about these scooters. They do offer locals a chance to earn some extra scratch by charging the scooters overnight for the company. But if you're in the city proper and have to use the local utility company to charge them, I seriously doubt you'll earn a dime. You'll be charged WAY more for that electricity than you could possibly earn. Just my opinion there.

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