A research team from the University of Arizona combed through Twitter to find the most popular food in each state. The group discovered that Texas' most tweeted-about food is brisket. Well, duh.

The researchers from the University of Arizona looked at 3.5 million tweets based on food-related hashtags. They narrowed that massive number to a more reasonable 500,000 tweets after factoring in origin states. Then, the tweets were sorted by specific foods mentioned.

Unsurprisingly, the food that was most tweeted about in Texas was brisket.

Now, we have to question the methodology of the study. If the researchers knew anything about Texas, they could have just put brisket in without going through the whole process of studying Texas tweets and still been correct.

And we also need to point out that of all the foods that made the list, brisket is easily the most delicious. Sorry Oklahoma, but pickles? Seriously?

Now if you'll excuse us: all that talk about research made us hungry. Time to eat some brisket.