If you're mad and fed up with how bad the Texas Tech defense has been, you aren't alone.

Broderick Washington Jr. is pretty hacked off as well.

The sophomore defensive tackle is now a leader on the defensive line taking that role from the recently departed transfer, "I feel like I got thrown into the leadership role but I just embrace it." Washington's leadership style isn't in-your-face like Nic Shimonek though, "I just come in and work hard every day."

His anger comes from the reputation his defense has in Lubbock, "Know us for defense as well, not just for offense. That's a big slap in my face. I really dislike being known for offense." Washington knows the offense will perform this season, but he wants the defense to perform as well, "At least break the top 50, its a big step."

That's right, Washington wants the defense to improve from 128th to top 50 and he didn't stop there, "Really, top 25 honestly." I love it. You have to set your goals high if you want to achieve anything.

Broderick Washington wants to, "Change the reputation, the culture, all that."

I asked Washington who he thinks will make an impact this season and he said, "Lonzell Gilmore, a lot of people sleep on Lonzell." he finished with "Remember the name."

On the offensive side of the trenches Washington said, "Jack Anderson is going to be good." There's that name again. It seems like everyone who was asked about the offensive line at Media Days named Jack Anderson as an exciting prospect.

As far as the new locker room goes, "I was blown away. It was something out of a movie."

 2017 Texas Tech Media Day Interviews

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