Your 2015 National League Most Valuable Player can mash home runs. What he cannot do is pronounce a word that is very popular today.

Bryce Harper appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter on Thursday night after winning the MVP.

When asked if he would rather be bald or never have another season where he clubs 10 or more homers, Harper said the following:

I don’t even want to answer that right now because I know how many 'mem-mays' are gonna be out there of me with a bald head."

Mem-mays? What are those? Does he mean MMA? Is he talking about someone named Mimi? We're as confused as he is.

Harper can drill a 100-mile-per-hour fastball over the center field fence, but he can't pronounce a one syllable, four-letter word. The world  works in mysterious ways, right?

Harper is 23. How does he not know how to say "meme?" This is almost as remarkable as your 75-year-old grandfather knowing what a meme is.


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