Have you ever opened up your burger and thrown a few FRENCH FRIES on top, just to increase the fast food insanity?  Well, Burger King is about to step up and help you avoid all of that painstaking manual labor.

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On Sunday, Burger King is introducing their brand new French Fry Burger nationwide.

It's just like a regular Burger King hamburger only there are FRIES on top of the patty.

It'll cost $1, but that's because they're only putting FOUR fries on top.  So let's face it...it's not like it'll keep you from ordering fries with your burger.  Basically, it'll just add a little French fry taste.

And it'll only be available during the fall.

But obviously a burger like this is good for Burger King, because it gets them some attention and extra sales . . . without having to buy any new ingredients.

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