With all due respect to the war in Syria and the fiscal cliff, this might be the most important news story you hear all year.

According to a groundbreaking new study out of the University of Naples in Italy, FRENCH FRIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU!

A guy named Vincenzo Fogliano did the study.  He found that thanks to the starch in potatoes, they only absorb about 5% of the oil they're fried in, which isn't bad at ALL.  Things like zucchini, eggplant, and pickles absorb at least 30% of the oil they're fried in.

But there's a catch...this only works if you're frying FRESH potatoes.  Frozen fries are loaded with preservatives, which make them absorb WAY more oil.  And they're basically stripped of any nutrients the potato originally had.

In other words, any fast food fries you eat are bad for you.

But Fogliano says that if you fry up FRESH potatoes, they're not that bad for you, and they're really not that different than having a baked potato.  You should also leave the skin on and fry them in sunflower oil.

(Brisbane Times

Here's a tasty sounding recipe I found for homemade fries.