Tales from the Crypt isn’t the only iconic horror anthology getting a resurrection, as it seems The Twilight Zone too will return for all-new parables on CBS, albeit with a twist of its own. The new Twilight Zone will be an “interactive” experience, a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts.

According to The Wrap, CBS has partnered with digital video company Interlude (those behind that viral channel-changing lip-sync of “Like a Rolling Stone”) for the “original interactive project” allowing Twilight Zone viewers to “step in and become a part of the story.” BioShock creator Ken Levine will even write and direct the pilot episode.

Says the release:

The new “Twilight Zone” will honor the original series’ approach but will add the twist of letting the viewer change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels. As with all other Interlude videos, viewers can return repeatedly and have a different viewing experience each time.

No word yet on how, or when the new Twilight Zone will emerge on CBS (perhaps All-Access, to make interactivity easier), but what should we expect from such a unique project?

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