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A lot of businesses will claim they're "number one," "the best" or "everyone's favorite." While it's their right to do so, it isn't exactly a quantifiable claim. However, Lubbock's new Boomerang BBQ (8222 Valencia Ave.) can make a hard claim to fame. Owners Matt and Sarah Walker are champion pitmasters with significant prizes under their belts.

If you've never attended or watched a barbeque competition, you should know that pitmasters are extraordinarily dedicated and focused on bringing their best to the judge's table. They are serious about their craft, and being the best at a competition means that you're quite simply the best of the best.

I reached out to Boomerang BBQ to see why they've made the transition from competition to serving us here in Lubbock, and here's what they said:

We are 7X World Champions with 35 Grand Champions in 12 different states. We have decided to open up selling Q to bring the best to people [because] we have a passion for food.

That's truly impressive, and I'm excited to find out what world champion BBQ tastes like. As they are brand-spankin' new, I recommend you follow their Facebook Page for dates and times they will be open because all BBQ joints have a tendency to sell out of certain meats by the end of the day.

In addition to championship-quality meats like ribs, brisket, turkey and sausage, Boomerang BBQ also sells award-winning banana pudding. Banana pudding is the king of all Southern desserts. They also have your standard sides like beans and potato salad, plus a green chili mac and cheese I'm dying to try.

Why the name Boomerang BBQ? Because you'll come right back for more. I'm sure we will.

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