Earlier this week I asked you to tell me what charity would get some of your money if you won the lottery. The response was overwhelming! It’s a known fact that the Kool listeners have big hearts. I mean, we’ve been doing charitable work on Kool FM for DECADES and all the charities in Lubbock prefer to work with us over most other media because of the generosity of our listeners. I must have something to do with the your collective great taste in music. I don’t know. Either way, you guys called, emailed and Facebooked like crazy with your nominations and you can see the ‘Top 5 Kool Listener Charitable Donations’ on the next page!

  • Shriner's Hospital

    The hats are worth the donation alone. Many listeners called about the Shriner's and how they would donate.

    Scott Halleran, Getty Images
  • Homeless Shelters

    With the economy being down, homeless shelters are in more need.

    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
  • Meals on Wheels

    The lottery money could go a far way for Meals on Wheels

    Matt Cardy, Getty Images
  • Humane Societies

    It's hard not to donate every dime to man's best friend.

    angela n., Flickr
  • St. Jude's

    Another big one with Kool callers.