The proposed Lubbock Aquarium has some building designs they recently released. If this is what it will look like when it's built, then Lubbock will have a cool modern facility for once.

I love aquariums and zoos. In fact, I took my kids to the very well done Abilene Zoo for spring break and was really impressed with how good it is for such a small town. Hopefully, the Lubbock Aquarium will be even better than that.

If this mock-up is any indication of an actual final product, we will have something new to be proud of Lubbock for.

As you traverse the Marsha Sharp Freeway, notice the construction on the grounds of the recently burned down Putt Putt. That is where the aquarium is scheduled to be built. And it will be part of the upcoming Adventure Park, being built by the same people.


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