No matter what you have planned for this weekend, you should make time to check out the Tornado Alley Tattoo Expo at least one of the three days. But you could go all three days and still have plenty to see.

This is the first Tornado Alley Tattoo Expo and it's a huge event. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be filled with tattooing, piercing, demonstrations, competitions, entertainment, performances, giveaways and prizes, and many of the best artists America has to offer.

Many of the artists will have tattoo time available this weekend, too. So while you walk around, you might be able to drop into a chair and get a piece of art. I would recommend you attempt to book some time in advance because that way you know you'll get some seat time. But either way, just coming to the expo will be an awesome experience. Get tickets for $20 per day, or the best deal: a $30, three-day pass at the door.

The Tornado Alley Tattoo Expo is happening at the Clarion Hotel and Event Center, September 8th and 9th from noon - 9 p.m., and September 10th from noon - 8 p.m.

Everyone complains that there's never anything to do in Lubbock. Well, now there is. So come show your support for Lubbock tattooing this weekend.

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