There are still 2 full days of tattooing and fun at the Tornado Alley Tattoo Expo at the Clarion Hotel and Event Center. Here's a list of everything happening today.

Yesterday was a great start to this amazing art show. But today and tomorrow are just as full with tons of stuff for the whole family, including the kids, to do. Yes today is the coloring contest for the kids at 6pm. Below is a complete rundown, according to the website, of all of today's fun.

Saturday, September 9th

Artfit Noon
Artfit 1pm
Hellcat Penny 2pm
Artfit 3pm
Artfit 4pm
Comedy Show 5pm
Hell-Cat Penny 5:45pm
PIN UP Contest (Little Miss Tornado Alley) 6pm
Kids Coloring Contest 6pm
Contest Judging Starts At 7pm

– Small Color

– Small Black & Grey

– Portrait

– Eastern Traditional (Japanese)

– Bio Mech

– Cover-Up

• Please bring a before picture

– Medium Color

– Medium Black & Grey

– Western Traditional

• Sailor Jerry

– Strangest

– Large Color

– Large Black & Grey

– Tattoo of the Day

After Party at Venue featuring the Lucky Odds – 10pm
Tomorrow I'll post a rundown of that day's fun too so come back to see what Sunday holds.

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