Some people just have cuff luck.

A Reddit thread asking police "What's the weirdest thing you've ever had to arrest someone for?" has turned up some real gems. And by "gems," we mean stories that are bound to make you shake your head.

Who knew there were so many people out there who have so many problems being law-abiding citizens? Go ahead and give these a read and thank your lucky stars you haven't been hauled downtown -- yet.

Someone turned themselves in for stealing a balloon. On free balloon day.

My buddy is the sergeant of police in my town. He said he had to arrest a guy for eating the concrete under a bridge in my town, back in the days of bath salts. Another time was he had to rest a guy in a hotel parking lot. The man was in the bushes, naked, and covered in blood, only wearing a condom. Pretty bizarre stuff.

I have arrested a man not once, but twice for having sex with a dead white tail deer corpse. He likes fresh road kill for some reason.

Someone turned themselves in for stealing a balloon. On free balloon day.

A friend of mine got arrested for failure to appear after getting caught fishing without a license. The cops had a good chuckle with us.

My father once had to arrest a 70 year old man who was attempting to drive his granddaughters toy jeep on the highway, naked. He wasn't senile.

i'm not a cop but my close buddy of mine had a dad who was a SWAT Officer in Orange County. He said one time they had to arrest this guy who would put on a rainjacket and hide in the tank of a porta potty waiting for people to "relieve" themselves on him. ugh...

My uncle was a cop and he said he once pulled someone over for playing violin while driving

When I was a cop, we arrested a guy that had laid on his back and stuck his face under a women who was looking at potted plants, and he sniffed her ass. When he was placed under arrest, he looked all confused and asked 'What about that was illegal? I didnt do anything wrong'.

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