Just when you thought you might finally, mercifully be free of the Frozen hoopla that continued to permeate the media years after the movie left theaters, China went ahead and revived it -- all thanks to some apparent similarities between "Let It Go" and one of the official songs for the host country's upcoming 2022 winter Olympics.

According to The New York Times, many claim that China's song “The Snow and Ice Dance,” borrows heavily from the bizarrely popular “Let It Go.” And while it’s not outright plagiarism, the two tracks do share a few minor resemblances, if you listen real hard.

The Times goes on to break down the track’s main offenses, which have nothing to do with the song's vocal melody, easily its most recognizable feature. Instead, the Times offers: "Caijing Online, the website of a prominent Chinese business magazine, also noted the similarities, and offered a technical analysis that went beyond the melodic parallels. Among the main points: Both songs employ a piano as the major instrument, have similar prelude chords and an eight-beat introduction, and they run at almost exactly the same tempo.”

Xiao Junfeng, a spokesperson for the 2022 Olympic games, suggested people fax her their complaints so she can respond when she has authorization to do so. The Times notes that none of their faxed questions have been answered.

You can listen to “Let It Go” above and compare it to the exact moment in “The Snow and Ice Dance” where people claim the two sound most alike -- specifically, the original track's "conceal don't feel" verse. Agree? Disagree? Do you think the general public will still remember what "Let It Go" sounds like by the year 2022?

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