I am all about holiday spirit and enjoying this time of year…but I’ve noticed that the last couple of weeks Christmas stuff is everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong I love everything about Christmas but why are there decorations already out before Thanksgiving has even hit? Halloween went by so fast that I didn’t have enough time to put up scary things (probably because I’m a procrastinator) and then BAM out of nowhere Christmas decorations are up before the Thanksgiving decorations.

I kind of think that instead of putting Christmas stuff up there should be turkeys, leaves, and every other Thanksgiving decoration you can think of up at this time.

Christmas is supposed to be a special time that only comes once a year! Can’t we all just agree that the season we’re in is THANKSGIVING. We just need to enjoy this time then move on to another holiday! Let’s just take it one holiday at a time.

Plus I'm really ready for some Thanksgiving food...has to be my favorite thing about Thanksgiving.

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Be grateful and just enjoy the time together.

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