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It's going to be a beautiful weekend in Lubbock and most likely that means a lot of citizens will be heading to one of Lubbock's numerous parks around town to enjoy a cookout, soccer game or maybe a dog park.

Whatever you may choose to do, the City of Lubbock has a message for you when it comes to parking: "don't be a pain in the grass." That's the message of the year when it comes to parking at or near parks. Park where you can, but don't even think about parking on the grass because it could cost you a fine of up to $1,000.

The City of Lubbock knows that crowds will be at the parks this summer enjoying in family-friendly activities like trail hikes, fishing and frisbee golf. Just last week we saw a ton of people at McKenzie Park enjoying the shaded areas and cooking out. Some were having day-long picnics, while other families were breaking out fishing poles and tackle boxes to fish.

Enjoy the parks in Lubbock. Have fun, but remember, no driving on the grass. Don't ruin other's fun because you could lose a lot money.

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