Judging from the results of a recent poll, many Americans still have no idea how cloud computing actually works — but once they figure out how to use it, they plan on listening to a whole bunch of classic rock.

The news comes courtesy of Citrix, where more than 1,000 people were surveyed regarding their thoughts and beliefs about the cloud. While the data suggests a rather comical degree of confusion — 51 percent of respondents thought cloud computing was dependent on the weather, and “40 percent of respondents said the ability to work from home while naked was one advantage” of the technology — it also illuminates the enduring appeal of some of rock’s biggest artists.

Asked what they’d listen to if they had unlimited online access to music, respondents overwhelmingly named classic rock acts. The Beatles came in first, followed by the Rolling Stones at Number Two. Michael Jackson came in third, with Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, and Bruce Springsteen close behind. Led Zeppelin also made the list, coming in ninth (behind Eminem and Maroon 5, but let’s not talk about that).

“Many Americans still do not completely understand what cloud computing is,” concluded Citrix VP Kim DeCarlis, “yet they spend a good portion of their day benefiting from cloud services, whether it’s connecting with friends, downloading music or working from any location. As Americans continue to learn more about the cloud it will become an even greater driver of economic growth and innovation.”

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