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Dallas man Steven Novak is causing a ruckus all over the internet after posting photos of his hyper-realistic and terrifying Halloween display.

Novak's decorations are so frightening, he has actually received multiple visits to his home from Dallas police officers.

The Dallas Observer reported that Novak, a local artist, used a whopping 20 gallons of fake blood to execute this spectacularly spooky set up. In spite of how wild this scene may appear to us, Novak revealed that he feels like he could have done even more and that the ideas for this display were much better on paper. He plans on doing even more next Halloween, mentioning that he's done multiple displays at his home over the years, including a 7-foot-tall snow sculpture of himself.

You can watch a brief video of the inside of Novak's home, since he pulled out all the stops there, too. Below are the gory pictures of his now-viral Halloween display.

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