You can listen to the entire interview with Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope below.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope announced before Thanksgiving that he would not be seeking a fourth term as Mayor. The Mayor made the announcement on social media and said that he had reached his decision after prayer and talking with his wife and family.

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What he did not address in the video was his future plans. Pope has been discussed in various circles as someone who may seek higher office after wrapping up his time as Mayor. When State Representative John Frullo announced he would not seek re-election for House District 84, speculation picked up once again.

On Thursday, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope joined The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin to discuss why he decided not to run for Mayor and what his future plans will be. It was his first interview since announcing his plans not to run for Mayor. Pope said after 15 years in public life, he is looking forward to getting back to private life.

I also believe in the old citizen legislator model. I'm very much looking forward to getting back to the private sector. I'm working on a really exciting opportunity. It will be 15 years for me in May, just shy of 15 years. I was appointed to the school board in the Summer of '09 and then reelected twice and then came straight from that role in '16 to this job.

When asked what else may have led to his decision not to seek a fourth term. Pope said that the pandemic impacted his decision and that the last election being moved to November was "bad timing" and rough for those who loved him. Pope said that while he would have made different decisions he did not regret anything.

When asked if he would be seeking the open seat for House District 84, Pope told KFYO that he would not be running.

Breaking news, I'm not running for anything. I'm not saying I wouldn't return to the public sector at some point. I think public service is a very high calling, Chad, but I'm not running for anything in the '22 cycle.

The Mayor also discussed some of the ongoing projects he hopes to see finished and what he believes the future of Lubbock looks like.

You can listen to the entire interview with Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope above.

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