Just a day after getting a raise, Texas Tech Defensive Coordinator David Gibbs spoke with the media with about his new extension and raise, the surrounding rumors leading up to the new raise and the current state of the Texas Tech defense.

"My son asked me if I was going to Arizona State," Gibbs told the media. His son had heard the rumor floating around about new ASU Coach Herm Edwards wanting to bring in his dad to run his defense, replacing the departed Phil Bennett.

Gibbs related how his son filled him in that they were staying in Lubbock. Like any good son, he had already Googled his dad's new salary. (At this point, if I was Gibbs son, I would have upgraded my Christmas list to reflect the hefty bump in pay.)

This story has a touching, albeit a little sad ending, with Gibbs' son telling his dad about the rumored departure: "I don't want to start over."

A coach's career is always in doubt. Especially in today's landscape of college athletics where coaches get fired midseason all the time. Just ask Les Miles. Today, however, Coach Gibbs and his son are right where they want to be, along with the rest of The Gibbs Family and the Texas Tech football program.

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