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Dear McDonald's,

We see that for only the second time ever, after the fondly remembered "McJordan," you have created and named a signature meal after a celebrity. Honestly, it's about time, with so many celebrities who probably deserve some type of recognition in burger form. However, for the first, your choice is a bit puzzling.

Travis Scott?

For some, the first question is "WHO?"

For those who don't know, Scott is a young rapper from Houston, Texas who has had such hits as "New Slaves," "The London" and "Sicko Mode." (Admit it, you have all of those on your iPhone.)

Even the sign at the McDonald's on 82nd and Slide has the Travis Scott message.

The Travis Scott meal doesn't sound too bad, however. It's a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, that adds lettuce and bacon. You also have fries that are dipped in barbecue sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice. It's certainly not terrible.

However, we have another option.

There is another celebrity who hails from Lubbock who would be a perfect fit if McDonald's is looking for suggestions. May we propose:


(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

That's right. We have our own Big Mac here in West Texas, and he deserves to be saluted in fast food form. Heck, he's a key member of the West Texas Music Wall Of Fame and has a street in Lubbock named after him, so why not a custom Big Mac after one of our native sons?

Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

It can feature barbecue sauce (to symbolize Texas Red Dirt) and green chile. It's a perfect West Texas combination. The BIG MAC Davis. Let's make this a thing.

So, McDonald's, when you're ready to present a true West Texas meal, give us a call.

After all, to quote Mr. Davis himself: "It's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way."

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