My husband and I were watching the Texas Rangers play the Seattle Mariners last night when out walks Rangers pitcher Derek Holland to the mound. Just a couple of days ago he was sporting his tufty curly locks with a beard. But last night, he was clean-shaven and sporting a new haircut -- but not just any haircut.

He was sporting the exact cut that Charlie Sheen's character Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn had in the movie Major League.

Two other pitchers have paid homage to Sheen's character in the movie with the same cuts. Jonathan Papelbon when he played for the Boston Red Sox, and Evan Longoria with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Charlie Sheen caught wind of Holland's new 'do and tweeted that he was flattered by the gesture and that he was glad Holland was back on the mound. Holland returned just this week after being on the injured list.

Take our poll and let us know if you think Derek Holland sporting the cut is cool or not.

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