My friend Mike Fuqua is the proud owner of Bash Riprock's for the past eleven hundred years or something like that. And I just found out that he opened a Bash Riprock's at The Falls pool. That's pretty rad.

Bash Riprock's has been a Lubbock and Texas Tech watering hole and favorite spot since the dinosaurs were in diapers. I remember a lot of good times there in the 90's...and beyond.

I also had a membership at The Falls back when they first opened. They have new ownership since then. Bennie Judah saw to that years ago...

But on to some good news! Mike has partnered with The Falls and there's a Bash Riprock's bar and restaurant poolside. Yes at The Falls you can get food and drinks delivered to your lounger or cabana next to the pool. And those are the grown up style drinks too. Its pretty swanky. So if you've got the money, and are looking for a pimp place to chill this summer, The Falls pool with Bash Riprock's is the place to be.

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