If you grew up in Lubbock then you've probably been to the Skate Ranch at least once. Or maybe a hundred times, like most of us. Its time for a couples skate again.

Birthday parties and end of school parties were always something we looked forward to around here. Because it meant we could go skating at either the Roll Arena or the Skate Ranch. And since the Skate Ranch is right on the loop, we almost always went there. It has that one wall that leans in to the rink so you can skate into it and your feet keep going. Or when you would skate towards the wall by the concession area really fast and stop by slamming the toes of your skates into it. I think its concrete or something really hard like that and you'd stop instantly. Plus since the base of the skates were metal you wouldn't feel it at all, like steel toed boots.

I remember the first time I ever saw or played Super Mario Brothers was the full size arcade one at the Skate Ranch. And there was a line of kids waiting to have a turn on it.

If you were lucky enough to have a girlfriend you could do the couples only skates when they'd turn the lights down low and the disco ball on and play REO Speedwagon or Berlin or something sappy and everyone would hold hands while they skated. I never had a girlfriend then so I never did that. But I watched. In a not creepy 7th grade way.

Well after 50 years not only is it still open, but the same family still runs it too. Take a trip down memory lane at the Skate Ranch soon. I think I'll have to take my kids there asap.

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