First of all, if you believe anything on the internet involving free gifts, you almost deserve to be scammed. But I like you and don't want you to fall prey to stupid promises. We're all susceptible to scams, and no one really deserves to be conned. Especially during the holidays.

One of the most recent Facebook scams is a "Secret Sister" gift exchange that promises you multiple gifts from lots of people, just for buying a gift for your secret friend. So you pony up $10 or so and send a gift to the organizer, who promises between six and many more gifts will then be sent to you, from your secret friends, or sisters.

First of all, it's a little awkward just buying gifts for people you've never met and will never know. How does someone even do that? Gift cards, which is probably what they want you to send anyway because they're like cash.

Secondly, do the math. If you are only supposed to buy one gift for a friend, why would you then get gifts from multiple other friends? How do you get a lot for just buying one? You don't, that's how. You get squat. You get relieved of your hard earned $10.

So don't ever send money or gifts or anything to people on the internet. It's ALWAYS a scam. It's also illegal.

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