Eminem's new track "Houdini" samples the 1982 Steve Miller Band classic "Abracadabra"...and Steve is psyched!

In an Instagram post, the Dallas native said, quote, "There aren't many artists who take the time or make the effort to stand up for themselves and credit and respect their influencers at the same time.

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"Marshall Mathers you are an exception and on my short list of people who respect the art. To be included in your process feels good while I'm still singing and playing the music I love. I'm Honored."

The video for the track is pretty typical Eminem, and even includes the return of his "Robin" costume, as well as cameos from 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, comedian Shane Gillis, Pete Davidson, and Eminem's actual kids.

(WARNING:  The clip contains profanity...obviously)

I love that Miller is cool with this. Eminem is a MASSIVELY influential artist who just introduced a classic song to his younger fans. Fans that may have never heard it without Em sampling it. I can attest that I personally learned a LOT about classic rock and other genres of music by listening to rap and hip hip as a kid...and even today!

I was and am a HUGE Beastie Boys fan and it was the Besties who introduced me to a lot of the funk music I like to listen to to this day. Those guys sampled everything from Led Zeppelin to Parliament to The Beatles and everyone in between!

This is a win/win for everybody and "Houdini" is really good. It's hilarious too! Watch the video above and tell me what you think!

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