It's always good to see science being used for something practical.  Any scientist can try to cure diseases, right?  But only these guys used their knowledge to solve a REAL problem:  Carrying a coffee mug without spilling.


Two mechanical engineers at the University of California, Santa Barbara ran a series of lab experiments to figure out how to walk with a coffee mug without spilling a drop.  And these are their three conclusions:

#1.)  Start your walk slowly. You don't want to accelerate too fast...that gets the liquid moving too much.

#2.)  Leave a gap between the top of the coffee and the top of the mug. They say it should be at least one-eighth of the mug's diameter.  Since you're NOT going to bother to calculate that, just leave about half an inch of space.

#3.)  Look at the mug while you walk. That keeps your body focused and is the biggest key to preventing a spill.

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