I met a new group of friends recently. Wonderful amazing people. The kind of friends you can count on for anything, for life. And one of them needs our help. So I'm trying to return the friendship.

Kim Dalby is the Nurse Manager for the Emergency Department at Covenant, working to save lives every day. Her husband works for the Lubbock Fire Department. You couldn't find a couple more caring about others and their community than these two. Unfortunately cancer doesn't care how amazing of a person you are. And Kim is battling cancer right now.

This is where this amazing group of friends comes into the story. They have pulled together multiple times to raise money to help offset some of Kim's astronomical medical bills. No one can afford to pay for cancer treatment without some kind of help, the medical costs are just too damn high.

Plus this raffle is going to help not just Kim, but another lady named Dena with her cancer fight too! So you can help fight cancer two ways, with one raffle ticket.

One way they're helping is to raffle off some Garth Brooks tickets to raise some money. The tickets are only $5 each or 5 tickets for $20! For a chance at over $150 date night with Aspen Creek and Garth Brooks, that's a hell of a deal!

Get in touch with either of the ladies on this flyer, or click through to the Facebook page and help two wonderful people with the fight of their lives.



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