I love this. It's got a few things you haven't heard of that may be annoying your 'friends' and friends on Facebook...


I like the one about not doing the IM thing during work hours. (OMG the embarrassing stuff my friends IM me on Facebook chat that I don't want coworkers to see, like what if the new intern is standing there next to me in my office and my friend IMs me with, "I'm in love, I just went out with this chick last night and she's 20 years older than me and I don't care!" Yes, that actually happened to me.)

Read the tips in the above link and tell me your FB pet peeves? Vent!

Some of the things that are MOST annoying to me are:

--That person who overshares on Facebook or does the passive-aggressive stuff to get attention so spill their drama to us!

--People who post or "share" NOTHING but inspirational quotes. (Usually these words of wisdom are written next to Snoopy or some other cartoon character.)

--What did you find out about on Facebook that you shouldn't have? Breakup? Makeup? Divorce? Death in the family?

--Who's been stalked on FB?

--Who's been broken up because of something that happened on FB? Lost a job?

Anything to add? Leave a comment in the Facebook widget below!

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